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Wonderful Holiday

Arrived back last week after spending three weeks in the USA. This time last year I couldn't have done the flight or all the walking, this trip what have not event have been a consideration. The fatigue and pain from the Fibromyalgia wouldn't have allowed it!! Spending 3 weeks with my wonderful husband Richard, just us enjoying all the culture and life. We began in New Orleans, travelled to Lafayette, Natchez, Memphis an finishing up in Nashville. Wow, how awesome is that! We  had some many experiences I can't pick a favorite. We enjoyed New Orleans the most, from the swamp tour, to learning about the plantations and enjoying the famous Bourbon Street. Of cures in Memphis, Graceland, was amazing and the meditation garden was so tranquil, I can see why this was his home, and I never new Elvis was a twin, sadly he was still born. The civil rights museum was interesting and emotional, as it is built around where Martin Luther King was shot, again very emotional.  And enjoying there famous street, Beale street, note to all take your ID, its law there to check all ID even if you do look aver 21!! Nashville was awesome, seeing all the studios and the country hall of fame, so mush information and so well done. We enjoyed a country concert at the Ryman and Grand Ole Opry, with a back stage pass and stood on the stage, yeah!!  Two hotels to visit- the Peabody hotel in Memphis, famous for their ducks, who walk the red carpet at 1 and 5, the funniest thing. Also visit the Gay Lord hotel Nashville, stunning with a boat that runs through a tropical area of plants and waterfalls inside the hotel! We now have the bug to explore more of this beautiful world.

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