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Access Bars Therapy

What is Access Conciousness?

Access Consciousness is freeing you from you, giving you a choose of different possibilities to create Joy and ease of life.

Gary and Dane talk below about Access.


How can Bars Therapy Help?

Bars Therapy can create space, stop judgment of yourself and free up mental and physical pain and get you out of the story you have got stuck in.

The Science Behind Access Bars

The science behind Access Bars is covered in this white paper and the video below.

What Does a Bars Therapy Session Involve?

You lay back and relax, I run energy through your body by gentle touching your head, then the bottom of your feet, then the palms of your hands, just for a few minutes each. You close your eyes, or talk if you wish as I work on 32 points on your head. The first point is like pressing the delete button on the computer, removing all the things you are stuck with. If there is an area of your life that you desire change, we can work on that area, from wanting more space in your head, better health, more money or to be kinder to yourself.

How do I Book A Session?

Call me on 07799 372682 or email me here.

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