Be A Happier You

Other Therapies

Swedish Massage

Unwind with a full body massage, or just the back and neck. Remove stress, increase blood flow, improve the look of the skin. Improve posture, increase flexibility, remove toxins, just so many benefits.


Enjoy some time for you, whilst I nourish your face with 100% natural vegan products of Tropic. Hydrating your skin, improving the appearance creating a youthful look, enhancing your natural beauty.

Body work

Allow me to help alleviate pain, improve circulation, boost your immune system, realign and re-energies your body.


Enjoy a warm foot soak, relax as I work on the reflex points on your feet. The feet mirror your body and by working them, we create harmony and balance throughout the body.

Hand and foot massage

Time to pamper yourself and relax. Using gentle oils, to relieve tension and stresss.

How do I Book A Session?

Call me on 07799 372682 or email me here.

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