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  I am soooo grateful to Sarah, I arrived with pain in my soul, just wanting to cry and now I just wanna smile, it's like I am shining again and I can't say thank you enough, it was exactly what I was looking for.

 3 sessions delivered virtally during lockdown: Thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's session. Full of helpful techniques and ways to change negative thoughts. Just listening /watching her made the afternoon brighter. As I said a book would be good to have. Thanks Sarah. 

Day 1 - Wednesday 1st April 

I lay down on the bed and wrapped myself up in the duvet so that I was warm. I engaged with the same deep breathing I use when meditating whilst mentally opening myself up completely to anything and everything Sarah and the universe were about to send me.
My stomach started making the usual talking noises that I get when receiving access bars from Sarah - it's always the first sign that she has spiritually connected with me.
I focused on thinking I am surrendering myself into Sarah's hands and ready to receive healing energy from her and the universe.
 During Access Bars treatments, I experience a number of sensations throughout my body. These often manifest as weightlessness,  vibrations or tingling and sometimes as tiny shooting pains or aches coupled with an overwhelming feeling of peace and wellbeing.
As my stomach started to make noises, all these usual sensations present during access bars began to manifest - only more intensely than when I'm in the room with Sarah.
After a short time I felt like a spotlight switched on shining from above and although my eyes were closed I could see the white light through my eyelids and felt the warmth like lying in the sun when sunbathing. I continued to feel very warm throughout the healing session. Shortly after this, as I was focusing on cleansing my body of all unhealthy matter, I 'fell asleep' and lost track of time until 30 mins later when I was aware of opening my eyes, and seeing the time on the clock.

Day 2 - Thursday 2nd April 9.30am

I followed the same preparation as yesterday. I had the usual initial stomach talking to signal Sarah making her connection with me but stayed awake today. The spotlight found me and I experienced my normal tingling, weightlessness but no small shooting pains and I felt colder today throughout the session (I was wrapped up as usual under my duvet). I have found that the sense of peace and balance has stayed with me for several hours and will suddenly return when I am sitting quietly throughout the day.

Day 3 - Friday 3rd April 9.30am

Having had a less than an ideal night's sleep last night(no particular reason why) I prepared in the usual way.
I was not aware of my stomach  speaking before or during the healing today but did experience the usual spotlight switch on and sensations of weightlessness and tingling very strongly. I fell asleep quickly once the session began and woke then slept and woke again during the 30 minutes. At the end of the session I awoke and got up but continued to feel the energy running through my body for another half hour. After waking and sitting quietly contemplating the healing and reading the source healing cards that Sarah sent via my phone I realised that any residual feelings of tiredness from last night had disappeared and that I was filled with a sense of calm and the sense of some kind of divine presence. It's a bit like I just had a full 8 hours sleep in 2 ten minute cat naps!" 

Thank you so much for all that you're doing for us - I cannot tell you the difference it makes not just to me but to the whole family unit because whilst I'm strong and calm it's easier for my immediate loved ones to get through this with me. And having you holding me in your spiritual hands is keeping me centered at the deepest subconscious spiritual level. 

My name is Helen Carr,  I am a 40 something lady who suffers with I.b.s.
I met Sarah at a yoga class and got talking to her about Access Bars, as I had never heard of it before and was willing to try it, so I made an appointment with Sarah and went to her house. Sarah took me through to her treatment room and we had a little chat. Sarah asked me how I was feeling and if I wanted to ask myself anything, so that she could concentrate on it. She made me comfortable on a treatment chair and put a warm blanket on me and started the treatment.
After about a hour , I felt lighter, happier and calmer ( I did catch myself snoring a couple of times) my tummy was also making all sorts of sounds. I had a drink of water and made another appointment. When I got home my I.b.s was great for about three weeks and after the second much improved. I would say to anyone give it a go it may help you too. It's better than putting pills into your body as I have done in the past.

Sue from Chester -I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have continual stress, leading to tension headaches, as well as managing painful joints ect. Sarah treated me with Access Bars whist having an attack of the mentioned symptoms. She released the tension I had been experiencing and gave me a feeling of peace and contentment within.... creating balance. I felt in very safe and capable hands.

Cilla -I found out about Access Bars through a friend who met Sarah at a yoga weekend. I have been struggling with depression for a number of years After losing my first husband and other traumas. I got in touch with Sarah and after my first session I felt relaxed and happy with myself. I know I will still have some bad days, I have great faith in Access Bars to help me address my issues and medication to change anything if you want.

My first experience of bars therapy with Sarah was delightful. It was totally unexpected and I had experiences that were soul nourishing and uplifting. A tremendous amount of energy moving through my body and visualizations that I was expecting. Sarah was comforting and her presence and touch is soft and nurturing. I enjoyed the treatment thoroughly, although currently I have nothing that I need to shift as such I would definitely use the bar's therapy again should I feel I need to. 

A few comments from my workshops:

Extremely interesting and useful workshop, would not change anything.

Relaxing and engaging, came away feeling very relaxed and the pain I was experiencing had lessened.

It left me wanting to hear more about Access Bars and working with bodies to help balance and alleviate pain, so interesting and very relaxing.

A really good balance, very enjoyable.

I spent a day at Chester University for some of the staff to experience a 30 minute session of Access Bars Therapy, here are some of their comments

“Sarah is lovely and puts you at ease, the experience is very relaxing”

“I felt a warm tingling, would definitely have another session”

“I would recommend everyone to try it, it definitely helped me”

I can honestly say that Sarah has given me my life back. After suffering with a chronic condition causing widespread body pain and fatigue, I had tried many therapies, techniques and medical intervention. Access Consciousness® Bars therapy and body processing approaches have made such a huge difference to me and given me hope. Sarah is  a natural healer and her warmth and kindness is contagious. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. 

"Access bars treatment from Sarah has enabled me to recover my emotional balance and allowed my mind to be peaceful. Previous problems sleeping and feeling constantly stressed and nauseous have disappeared. I could not believe that after my first treatment the effects were instantaneous - I felt centred, like my true self again and the constant chatter of my mind was silenced at last. Each progressive treatment has increased my resilience and I am able to deal with stressful situations and leave them behind rather than holding on to them. Thank you Sarah!"

I first met Sarah when she was running a re-balance, re-energise workshop. During the afternoon Sarah spoke about Access Consciousness Bars Therapy and I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and knowledge that I decided there and then to go to Sarah for the Therapy, a decision I've never regretted.

Sarah greeted me at her home and quickly put me at ease with her friendly approach. She made sure I was comfortable before the session began by wrapping me in a blanket and encouraging me to relax, which I quickly did, falling sleep at one point!

Because I have several problems I block booked a further nine sessions and I can honestly say that the problems are easing. Sarah's advice and therapy have done this.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and the Bars therapy to achieve a healthier, happier you.

I met Sarah at a Fibromyalgia Support Group meeting back in October 2017, she seemed very flamboyant and oozed positive energy. My first impression was I like this lady, I'm going to get along fine with her. I had every intention of contacting her as soon as I could to investigate what it was that was obviously  exciting her so much.  Life got in the way for a short time but over Christmas I found myself thinking about her and decided to do a bit of research on this new found energy therapy called Access Bars. What I discovered was fascinating to me and I had to find out more from Sarah.  

I'm a Qualified Holistic Therapist with twelve disciplines but this therapy was different, Neuroscience is proving it's effects and it's looking good.
The first time Sarah ran my bars, I felt so light that no matter how hard I tried I just could not think negatively at all. I've had to deal with depression for most of my adult life, so this felt amazing to me. I've now had several sessions with Sarah not all as the first, and I've had emotional ups and downs, but I can honestly say that it has helped me a great deal. I feel much lighter in mind and also much more positive for the future. So much so that I'm preparing to undergo training with Sarah to become an Access Bars Practitioner myself.
Sarah is a beautiful soul, she cares greatly for all who enter her life and she exumes positivity and love. She is truly one of earth's angels, thank you Sarah for all you do and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ali Wheeler-Over many years of looking after my wellbeing, I've tried lots of different holistic therapies. I had never heard of bar therapy, but having met  Sarah and listened to the therapy and about channeling our energies made me curios. I am now a huge advocate. I thoroughly enjoyed an hour of floating. Thts the only was I can describe the feeling. Afterwards I was energized and then slept better than I had for months. It's hard to describe something emotional when you can show it physically, other than a sense of security and relaxation all in one, with a boost of energy that kicks in. Thank you for an amazing experience, one which I will be repeating and highly recommend, Ali xxx

Tina Hignett (25/10/2018)

Access Consciousness Bars Therapy

I Had Allowed Negative And Painful Situations, Thoughts And Abusive Memories To Remain In My Mind For Over 40 Years. After Having 10 Sessions Of Access Consciousness Bars Therapy .. I Feel Totally Different ! I Have A Sense Of Lightness And No Heaviness In My Head. My Mind Is Now Clear .. I Feel Free From The Stress And Anxiety That Had Kept Me A Prisoner For So Long Trapped Inside My Own Body .. My Inner Child Unable To Be Released Until Now .. My Mood Has Lifted And I’ve Become More Aware Of The Great Positive Things That Are In My Life And Around Me .

Access Consciousness Bars Therapy Has Empowered Me To Find Myself And Become The Amazing Person I Can Truly Be After Hitting The Lowest Point In My Life This Summer (2018). I Felt I Couldn’t Go On With Life Anymore ! Suffering Daily With Not Only The Mental Post Traumatic Stress Disorders From My Past But The Here And Now Daily Chronic Illnesses That Become Increasingly Hard To Cope With

(Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Psoriasis, Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Tinnitus, Hiatus Hernia, Depression & Anxiety) .. My Life Seemed Worthless !

One Day Whilst Out Shopping ..I Bumped Into An Amazing Woman Called Sarah ..Although I Have Known Her For Some Years.. We Spoke More Than We Have Ever Had Spoken In Our Years Of Friendship . She Hugged Me .. Just The Energy I Felt And Received From This Wonderful Woman Felt Amazing ! Her Long Comforting Hug Was My Release From All The Hurt And Tension That I Had Bottled Up And Kept To Myself For So Long. I Just Cried And Cried Infront Of Everyone In That Store . She Promised She Would Help Me .. Make My Life Better .. Sarah Invited Me To A New World .. A New Life .. A New Coping Strategy .. Access Consciousness Bars Therapy !!!

Sarah ..The Fabulous Human Being That She Honestly Is ..Using Her Access Consciousness Bars Therapy Knowledge .. Has Changed My Life ..Its Phenomenal !! She Gave Me A Clearing Statement & Tools To Help Create Ease, Joy & Happiness In My Life . Its Opened New Doors To Freedom Which I Didn’t Think Was Possible .. Sarah Has Openly Inspired Me And Made Me Feel That Anything In Life Is Achievable And Possible .. I Now Call Sarah ..My Angel ..Who Was Sent To Me To Change My Life !!!


Thank You With All My Heart For Your Kindness XxX


Here are some coments from staff and service user's at 1st Enable:

Jade c "Lovely and quite, I get to relax and lie down. Sarah is nice and I can easily speak to her, she makes me feel calm" 

Phillipa m "I'm cured." 

Hannah d "Mindfulness makes me feel relaxed and happy". 

Lloyd w " it makes me feel chilled sleepy and calm" 

Curtis. "I feel relaxed and calm" 

Feedback from people that attended our event.
* An oasis of calm in a busy place
* The treatment was so relaxing, I felt I was floating off the bed. 
* Loved everything about today's event
* Alternative treatments like this could replace my medication. 

Sarah what can I say 💕 .. I had the most Most Amazing day today Training In Access Consciousness Bars Therapy 💕 you made me so Welcome and I learnt so much from you x I absolutely loved giving and receiving the Therapy and I'm left Feeling so Relaxed pain free from tension in my neck and feeling lighter ! 🙏🏻 can't wait to give my clients this Wonderful Treatment . A pleasure to meet you 💕

It is always a complete joy training others, I have had the most amazing day, I am so gratfeul.


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