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My name is Helen Carr,  I am a 40 something lady who suffers with I.b.s.
I met Sarah at a yoga class and got talking to her about Access Bars, as I had never heard of it before and was willing to try it, so I made an appointment with Sarah and went to her house. Sarah took me through to her treatment room and we had a little chat. Sarah asked me how I was feeling and if I wanted to ask myself anything, so that she could concentrate on it. She made me comfortable on a treatment chair and put a warm blanket on me and started the treatment.
After about a hour , I felt lighter, happier and calmer ( I did catch myself snoring a couple of times) my tummy was also making all sorts of sounds. I had a drink of water and made another appointment. When I got home my I.b.s was great for about three weeks and after the second much improved. I would say to anyone give it a go it may help you too. It's better than putting pills into your body as I have done in the past.

Sue from Chester -I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and in times stress and I get tension headaches plus painful joints ect. Sarah treated me with Access Bars whist having an attack of the mentioned symptoms. She released the tension I had been experiencing and gave me a feeling of peace and contentment within.... creating balance. I felt in very safe and capable hands.

Cilla -I found out about Access Bars through a friend who met Sarah at a yoga weekend. I have been struggling with depression for a number of years After losing my first husband and other traumas. I got in touch with Sarah and after my first session I felt relaxed and happy with myself. I know I will still have some bad days, I have great faith in Access Bars to help me address my issues and medication to change anything if you want.

My first experience of bars therapy with Sarah was delightful. It was totally unexpected and I had experiences that were soul nourishing and uplifting. A tremendous amount of energy moving through my body and visualizations that I was expecting. Sarah was comforting and her presence and touch is soft and nurturing. I enjoyed the treatment thoroughly, although currently I have nothing that I need to shift as such I would definitely use the bar's therapy again should I feel I need to. 

A few comments from my workshops:

Extremely interesting and useful workshop, would not change anything.

Relaxing and engaging, came away feeling very relaxed and the pain I was experiencing had lessened.

It left me wanting to hear more about Access Bars and working with bodies to help balance and alleviate pain, so interesting and very relaxing.

A really good balance, very enjoyable.

I spent a day at Chester University for some of the staff to experience a 30 minute session of Access Bars Therapy, here are some of their comments

“Sarah is lovely and puts you at ease, the experience is very relaxing”

“I felt a warm tingling, would definitely have another session”

“I would recommend everyone to try it, it definitely helped me”

I can honestly say that Sarah has given me my life back. After suffering with a chronic condition causing widespread body pain and fatigue, I had tried many therapies, techniques and medical intervention. Access Consciousness® Bars therapy and body processing approaches have made such a huge difference to me and given me hope. Sarah is  a natural healer and her warmth and kindness is contagious. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough. 

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