Be A Happier You


Self Compassion-Self Care -Self Love

This year may continue to be strange, it's so important to get into a habit of kindness and self care for you. Please drink plenty of water, consciously nourish and nurture your fabulous self, perfect time of year to make a oursihing soup,I love thick broccoli, spinach and butternut squash soup.

1-STOP-just stand still for a minute and breathe, deep and slow, feel that, allow that breathe to be your superpower to dissolve away anxiety.

2.Each day notice one thing that is beautiful. Even if you don't believe it, just say each morning as you wake up 'I am truly beautiful, today I will be the best version of me'

3.Surrender and Trust the universe, if you ask from the heart you may receive something truly amazing, may be different from what you accepted, but something will show up.

4.Give yourself a huge hug, tell yourself "It will all be ok! I am ok"

5.Send a text or call someone you have not spoken to for a while, you could make their day and yours!

6.Repeat "What can I be, do and say today to be happier and healthier in every way!"

7.Do at least one thing during the week to be kind to one person, but most importantly be kind to you, you are precious, life is precious, being kind to you and loving you, makes it so much easier for everyone else around you to do it back to you! How wonderful would that be!

8.Make yourself a list of affirmations that work for you, say them every day. Have some that you begin to say just as you wake up, and some as you fall asleep.

9.Hug a tree, feel the energy, be with the energy.

10.Imagine yourself as a child, happy and carefree, visualize yourself as a child with 2 other people you love dearly, all hugging, feel how lovely that love feels, now place them in your heart. Whenever you're are struggling focus back on yor heart, feel all that love, and just smile.

Don't waste energy draining yourself by blaming yourself.

Sending an abundance of ease and space to just breathe and be.

If being at home is easier and less stressful for you, then why not book in for distant healing, helping to feel more grounded, and have more joy and ease. Or book in a 1:1 virtual session to run through some energy process's and  destress tips, and relaxation techniques.



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