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Time For You is most probably the best thing you can do for yourself to create ease in your life. Life can get increasing more challenging and hectic. If we don't look after our well-being something  will eventually give! Require some tools to balance your mind and body? come and relax and re-energize. Then why not attend a Be A Happier You Workshop.

Next Event 4th Novemeber 2-3.30 Tattenhall Studio

I design workshops for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your requirements. Experience a few techniques, to help align and balance the body, try Wim Hof breathing to help calm the nervous system. Learn a few tools from Access to create ease, along with a process you can use to create energy, and enjoy relaxation, allowing the body and mind to melt away. Please call if you would like me to run one of these at your establishment.

Improving wellbeing of your staff

Are you looking after the well-being of your staff? Or if you are would you like to try something new? I am available to come in for a few hours or the whole day, I can provide one to one therapies, allowing your staff 30-40 away from their roles, and returning with clarity and new energy. Or I can run group talks on how to balance and reenergise  your staff, each aiding improvement in productivity.

To book please call Sarah 07799 372682

Want to host something a little different, Host your own event. Allowing you to catch up with family and friends? Tailor this to suit your  requirements, from hand and foot massages, gentle facials to body energizing process's or experience the relaxing Access Bars Therapy.

Let your friends and family catch up, drink wine or tea and enjoy,  and experience a range of therapies to suit you and your friends.

Hosting a social healing event any time to suit you, means you receive a therapy for free! yeah!

How to Book a Social Healing Event or Workshop

Call  07799 372682 or email me here.

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