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Time for you is most probably the best thing you can do for yourself to create ease in your life. Life can get increasing more challenging and hectic. If we don't look after our wellbeing something  will eventually give! 

Full days training to become an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner 9.30am-5pm

Next Training Days

 26th July - 20th September - 18th Oct  - 29th Nov

Learn this gentle therapy that touches 32 points on your head that cover areas of your life from, healing to creativity. You will receive the therapy twice during the day and also practice this twice. You will receive a manual and a certificate to be able to start using this therapy with family and friends or within you own business.

To be held at my home in Clotton cost £270

Please ring to arrange a day to suit, can be split into 2 half days.

Pain and fatique support group

Runs every second week virtually 3pm

 Supported by Versus Arthritis.

Host a  workshop  for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your requirements. Learn techniques to help align and balance the mind, body,  your whole being. Experience a range of breathing techniques to help calm the nervous system and create a sense of ease.  Learn some of the  tools from  Access to create space and remove judgment, along with process's  to create energy and improve your immune system. Enjoy guided relaxation, allowing the body and mind to melt away.

 Please call for more details.

Improving wellbeing of your staff

Have you asked how your staff are? There are many hidden mental and physical conditions that a lot of people hide. Providing  something that will help staff mange the stresses of daily life, you will improve productivity and help lower anxiety and improve moral. Having onsite access to relaxation, allowing  staff just half an hour away from their roles, helping them return with clarity and new energy. I can offer  group talks on wellbeing as well as 1:1 sessions

To book please call Sarah 07799 372682

Want to host something a little different. Allowing you to catch up with family and friends? Tailor your get togther to suit your requirements, from hand and foot massages, gentle facials to body energizing process's or experience the relaxing Access Bars Therapy, Source Energy Healing or guidenance card reading.

Call  07799 372682 or email me here.

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