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My Family's Journey

How Fibromyalgia affected my family

My wonderful Mum - Seeing my daughter for so long in such pain made me feel utterly useless. As a mother you just want to help and take all the pain away. It went on for so long I had planned Sarah's funeral and wondered what on earth Amy and Katie were going to do and how they would cope. Especially Amy, with her her needs Sarah is her rock and whole world, I constantly worried about them all. It just hurts so much seeing your daughter suffer constantly on daily basis. Now, it's so nice and such  huge relief to see Sarah back to her sparkly, shiny, happy self. I know she has to still balance what she does, but it's truly amazing to see her with energy and little pain!

How my condition affected my supportive amazing husband Richard -

Richard was always very worried leaving me on my own, especially when I was at my lowest, so he always came home from work not knowing what to find. He was scared to hug me in case it hurt too much, this affected the intimacy of the relationship. Richard really wished he could help but felt helpless that he couldn't take the pain away. Richard started to see himself as my carer rather than my husband. He was very frustrated that I would not allow help when I clearly needed it.  Now Richard sees that I am a lot more upbeat, a great deal happier with socializing, and loves that we can plan things and I don't run out of steam  or have to cancel things as we used to.

My beautiful daughter Katie

Seeing my mum in so much pain made me so sad and frustrated I couldn't help her. My mum was always so active and it was such a drastic change to see that my mum couldn't do anything she used to and if she did it took her ages to recover which was devastating. Everyday tasks for mum became impossible, I just kept hoping mum would get better, it was horrible seeing her like this for such a long time. Now my mum is 90% better and this makes me feel so much more positive and pleased to see my mum getting back to normal and enjoying life again.

Aunty Lyn - To see a member of your family in so much pain, both mental and physical, and not be able to help is more than hard-and at times there's a feeling of guilt because you're ok and they're not. After trying everything to no avail Sarah finally found Access Bars and the change in her is so noticeable-she's calmer, more grounded and mostly pain free.

My truly superb sisters - Clare and Lucy

Lucy - It's awful seeing anyone in pain but when it's someone you love very much who has always been so vibrant and the life and soul of any party it's incredibly sad, 'a shadow of themselves' really is a phrase that describes well what happened to Sarah when she was suffering so badly. I don't know how or why Access Bars has worked for Sarah but it truly has and when it comes down to it that is all that matters. I love having my crazy, spirited, vivacious sister back!

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