Be A Happier You

Nourish and Nurture yourself


Open your heart and mind to enable change. Physically push your shoulders back and down, lift up to the sky, close your eyes and breath!

Comfort your body with hugs and nourishing food like root vegetable stews and soups.

Trust in yourself and your body to help create a sense of lightness.

Observe what is going on in your body, accept it, acknowledge it and ask what does my body require to create a sense of ease and calm, and generate joy.

Believe in you and that you are truly unique and amazing.

Embrace your whole gorgeous being, try and make it whole and don't just go with the mind, your heart or you body, work as a whole amazing being!

Relax each day in some form, even just making a conscious effort to lower your shoulders, do deeper longer breaths, even if it's just when you go to the bathroom.

Over the next few months start to put things in place that become a habit, making an extra effort to be kind to yourself, to nourish and nurture you to help get though all the stuff and yuk, life throws at us.


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