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Oh my goodness me, the challengers continue! At the beginning of the year it was 1 in 10 with mental health stuff! then 1 in 5, now 1 in 4 stuggling with soem sort of menal health. With a sharp increase in people taking their own lives! I think most of us are struggling with our state of mind and emotions!

Please reach out for help and don't feel alone, we need to stop judging ourselves and others. Just because you can't see a mental or physical condition, doesn't mean it's not there! There is an array of support groups and help on line, here are a few to check out:

#VersusArthritis #NHS, Mind Matters #CommunityFirst #Mind #TimeForchange #FrazzledCafes #TheMix #CitizensAdvices #HealthWatch #Pace2Be #Re-Think mental health #YoungMinds #Shout85258 #AnnaFreud #HeadsTogether #CharlieWaller #AYPH #ActionForHappiness #CALM #Samaritans #Children and young people's mental health coalition

To name a few: Find one that stands out for you.

I Run my pain support group virtual under versus arthritis every month, and I have just become a Time for Change Champion, as well as completing a course with mind for physical and mental wellbeing, and completed a 12 week programme on power of the mind.

You can visit my Be a happier You FB page for daily quotes and short relaxation.

So much out of our control, but what we can do is have a daily routine  to support mental health, noticing our own thoughts, emotions and mindset, all of which impacts our feelings and emotions! You have the power to control how you react to them, or choose to just let them go!  it's so much nicer when you gain some lightness and ease, and empower yourself to be happier and healthier, but also accept those days when it's just complete YUK!!

Sending an abundance of empowerment to be a happier, healthier you.

Huge hugs, I miss hugs soooooo much!!!!


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