Be A Happier You

Mental Health Awareness

Some tips to manage you wellbeing:

Realizing that a lifetime of judgment, particular self destruction  has built up  concrete paths in my mind, along with brick paths, all of which have cracks, are uneven, have moss there and solid concrete, so it's bound to take time and practice to break all this down and build soft, beautiful pathways.

For me I try not to go into the story of my mental and physical issues, but try and say I am aware of yuk and stuff!! some days more than others, so putting in place what may work that day, and being open to try new things, but also revisit something that may now work. We all change, energy shifts, so different things will work at different times, don't every stop trying.

Forgives for yourself and all those that have judged and put you down, physically and mentally.

Gratitude from the smallest thing, a nice cuppa, to a relaxing holiday. Being grateful for my mental and physical health has made a change for me, strange I know. But without this gratitude, I would not be who I am, know what I know or have my wonderful life. Without the love of my family and close friends I may have given up, for that I am so grateful.

Love for yourself, this takes time, we often don't like ourselves never mind love ourselves, but we easily do this for our family and friends.

The 3 A's - Acknowledge, be Aware and Accept what is going on for you. Once you do this it will go towards creating some lightness for  any long term illness. Realizing  it should not define you or become you, it's just a small part of what makes you, you are so much more!

It's ok when is not ok, so cry, scream, do what every works for you.

Be Kind in your thoughts and Actions.

Sending an abundance of calm and kindenss


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