Be A Happier You

Love April-Love You!

Spend this month asking your body what it requires? Once you tune in to this and stop listen to all the noise in your head, things start to change. If you place anything in front of you, from food, drink to job opportunist, hobbies etc. and ask Truth does my body require this? Or will this contribute o me? A pull forward is yes and pull back is no. Always your choice, but really interesting to try and start listening.

 It is stress awareness this month, so really take time  to breathe and be aware of what is going on physically and mentally, what can you change to create more ease, space and calm?

It's still cold, so keep warm use, magnesium lotion on any joint or muscle pain. Most important is to make a conscious effort to have kind thoughts, so start to make that change and be kind to yourself.

Huge warm hugs Sarah xxx

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