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How to alleviate pain from Fibromyalgia / Arthritis

Use Vicks vapor rub on the affected area, better than any pain relieve gel, just don't rubs your eyes after!

Invest in an infa red blanket, very good for the cold, wet and dark night winter months. This has been superb for me best thing i have ever bought, I use it most days for at least half an hour,  let it warm up for 20 minutes first before I use it. One tip do buy a power cut of plug, just to prevent a  surge !

Do hot yoga, we have a studio in Chester, even if you struggle being in the heat creates great relief. I have been doing this for three years now, there are a variety f teachers at the Chester studio, try them all, they all give something different. Even if you are very tire and in pain, just go to feel the heat and relax in child's pose or savasana, the heat has been a huge benefit. Doing yoga has strength my mind body and soul.

Drink golden milk, creating a paste of turmeric, water, coconut oil, added other spices if you desire, add a teaspoon to warm unsweetened almond milk or a warm liquid of your choice. Removing diary from your diet will have a great benefit to any joint pain. There are various different recipes on line, I make the paste by heating up two cups of water in a  saucepan, I add four jars of turmeric, black pepper, stir until this forms a past, (5-10 mins) you can add other spices if you wish. Then add a table spoon of coconut oil. Leave to cool and pace in a jar and put in the fridge. To Drink I use unsweetened almond milk add 1 teaspoon of the paste and heat, experiment with different alternative milks, add cinnamon if you wish.

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