Be A Happier You

How are you doing during Corona Virus?

How have you been during lockdown and this very surreal time?

Whatever you have gone through, whatever you have been doing, and whatever has gone on for you physically, mentally, and emotionally, you got through it. If you are still struggling, I hope you can find the tools and techniques to help you find some ease.

For me, lockdown started of badly, I was unwell,  which impacted my pain and fatigue from arthritis and fibromyalgia, it was overwhelming, this affected my mental health.

 I then had to make a decision to leave my daughter with special needs in supported living. It's not been easy, but there have been some amazing moments. Nature and my family members I was locked down with, have been my life saver. I have never hugged so many trees! Played an array of games, started and completed so many different art projects. I re-painted my therapy room, ready to start offering my therapies again next month. And completed a beaded angel, now in my therapy room, that is just magical. One of the main things I have done that has helped me keep my purpose, is to send daily distant healing to one of my clients, who became my dearest friend. She was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer right before lockdown. To be able to proved her with some ease and reduce her pain has been so rewarding.

I have continued with my daily energy routines and access consciousness tools to help me. And I am now 3 weeks into a 6 week program on mind power. This has completely reignited my energy, my passion, and my love to help others feel happier and healthier with themselves and their lives. So I am planning webinars and programs to help others be totally fabulous.

Sending an abundance of love, energy, joy and ease to fill your whole amazing self.

Take care, be safe and well. xxx

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