Be A Happier You

Getting through April

Over the last year I have had the odd few days with a flare up from Fibromyalgia. But for various reasons I am just coming out of a 7 week flare up, which has been horrific and very debilitating. I have cried alot, been massively frustrated and been quite unkind to myself! So using the tools of Access I stayed in a question, not why, but try to ask a question to help shift the energy, from 'Who does this belong to?' - 'How does it get better than this?' 'What does my body require?' and also thanking my body for getting through the day, and night! However low you are, don't give up hope, try and find a few things each day  you are grateful for, rather than dwelling on what stuff you are stuck in or with! Big hugs to you all, be kind to you. x

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