Be A Happier You

Be Mindful of your thoughts

September is Suicide prevention month, so what is truly going on in your head? No one can know what is truly going on in someone else's head or body, just be mindful of that for yourself and others. Take time for yourself, breath, do a full body scan, how else can you nourish and nurture your mind and body, with kind helpful thoughts and actions.

 look around is anyone a bit quieter than usual? does someone require your time? just listen, give a hug, it may just help them. For September,

Soothing September-

Sooth your mind and body either with music, exercise or simply fresh air
Engage-With you entire body, what is going on? what does your body require?
Play- Create some laughter, run round the garden, have some fun
Time -Take time for yourself, yoga, walking, reading, new hobby
Energies- Ask the universe to contribute energy to you.
Moan – as in don’t waste energy on this!
Be -Just try and be more present, stop worrying about what you did or didn't do, or should be doing
Ease-creating ease will stop dis-ease!
Rejuvenate - We produce 500 million new cells each day, say thank you to them all, and say they are all well and all healthy, create a healthier you, don't go into the story, all the cells will then become that story.

Be kind to you, look after you, don't waste another breath or any more energy on anything that does not create joy, and when things are yuk, its also ok, still ask yourself what you require, to get through and have more fun and joy? Huge hugs to all xxx

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