Be A Happier You


Source Energy Healing, is exactly what is says, getting right to the source of any problems, that are causing you health issues, trauma, and stopping you moving forward.

Hands on and distant healing is available with Source Energy.

It's an extremely gentle therapy, allowing you to relax, melt and create an immense sense of calm. Each session may be different depending on where you are and what your body and being requires to shift and work on.

Allow yourself to be enlightened, opening up to a possibility of something truly magical.

Source Energy Healing has originated from the springs in France where Jillian Stott, came back cross this precious healing that had been kept secret until it was time again to start being used in this lifetime.


Source Energy Guidance cards

Helping to empower you to move forward with your life, and deal with issues now, allowing you to be more present, embracing the true you.

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